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5G Use Cases

5G Use Cases 2020-10-20T09:34:54+01:00

Images of mobile phones showing 5G informationMobile VR and Heritage

The BBC presents an exciting opportunity to test the capabilities of 5G in a visitor attraction setting (The Roman Baths). The use case offers a ‘window through time’ and interactive visitor experiences by investigating different technical approaches. Video and images make up the VR experience to transport the user through time. This use case investigates two technical approaches to stress different aspects of 5G performance.

Network Slicing

Zeetta Networks shows how 5G technology can be used to enhance the planning, management and incident response within an urban setting. This is of particular use at large public gatherings, such as festivals, concerts or fairs. An essential characteristic in defining a 5G network is the ability to provide a unified view of the network’s architecture for control, slicing and orchestration.

Image of an Airbus aeroplane for use with 3D motion tracking3D Motion tracking

The product aims to bring the experience to life and give tourists the ability to experience and walk around a high-quality representation of a place in VR, while physically walking around a real indoor space, without the burden of wearing uncomfortably heavy hardware.

The product consists of a VR headset with a tracking system attached, retro-reflective stickers stuck to the ceiling of the physical space for the system to track, and a wireless 5Ghz up and downlink to communicate between the headset and a remote server running the experience.

To track the tourists as they walk around freely in the physical world while exploring the virtual world, the product incorporates a 6DOF (position and angle) positioning device using StarTracker technology.

Man with Oculus VR head set on4K 360° Content

Mativision is using 5G to overcome barriers in current technology. They have developed a product that allows many users to experience the same VR reality at the same time. The purpose of this product is to assess how this technology can perform when a 5G networking infrastructure is used, and to what extent those limitations can be overcome.

Digital Outreach for Culture

Smartify’s goal for the project is to implement digital initiatives that can deliver a better pre- during and post-visit visitor experience that not only secures lasting connection with the venue and maximizes the ROI but, more importantly, provides a better engagement with younger audiences who currently expect a digital interaction on the sites.