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5G Potential

5G Potential 2021-05-20T08:21:46+01:00

What impact will 5G have?

Future economic growth will be driven and enabled by current innovation in fixed and mobile communication networks, which will ensure more data can be transmitted and received at a faster rate than ever before. Realising this vision will require policies to be updated, regulations revised, ducting installed, fibre cabling laid, and new business models established. The technology that will benefit from these advancements also needs to be developed, tested and proven. One such technology is 5G.

Fifth generation mobile networks, more commonly known as 5G, have the potential to revolutionise the way we all live, work and move around our region.  5G will be 10 to 20 times faster than what we use today and will support billions of digital devices, with much greater reliability and security. It promises to support super-fast, ultra-reliable networks with seamless, uninterrupted connectivity; no more signals dropping out in tunnels, no more time-consuming switching between different service offers. Networks that will never be unavailable or too slow to be useful because too many users are in one place, all seeking to access data or make calls at the same time.

This new level of connectivity offers exciting opportunities for businesses, including better remote working/improved digital training, and is likely to bring significant business growth opportunities for our region’s tech sector. New techniques such as network slicing allow different types of services to run simultaneously, vastly increasing the scope of applications and services that can be supported. In effect, one 5G network can act as thousands, or even billions, of virtual networks.

5G won’t be used for human communication alone. It will also support communications between machines; a solid foundation in the formation of the Internet of Things. This will have a huge impact on people’s lives, supporting everything from assisted living to monitoring and responding to air pollution.