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5G Logistics

5G Logistics 2021-04-27T13:53:51+01:00

Super-fast and ultra-reliable 5G is expected to offer an increased level of connectivity and new opportunities for businesses. It will also have a huge impact on people’s lives, allowing the public sector to test new ways of delivering services, and encouraging businesses of all sizes to explore new commercial opportunities.

The 5G logistics trial will use 5G to demonstrate the secure movement of goods in a Freeport and remote Freezone scenario. A 5G neutral host private network will be created at Bristol Port and at Gravity Smart Campus, Somerset, with connection between both sites. Smart junctions around the port will be upgraded to optimise traffic management, improve traffic flow and air quality.

The project will focus on security, traceability, and real-time tracking of goods within and across extendable virtual boundaries.

It will demonstrate how 5G private network capabilities can offer efficiency and productivity improvements to the logistics sector and more widely, allowing real-time location and condition tracking of individual items, improvements to road traffic management and replacing manual processes with 5G enabled autonomous systems.

These advances in technology could be implemented industry-wide helping businesses to adapt and grow, and the UK economy to recover in the longer term.

WECA is leading a consortium of partners on the £5.2m project, one of nine 5G Testbed and Trials projects to receive government funding. Partners include Adva, Airspan, AttoCore, Bristol Port, Cellnex UK, Gravity, Maritime Transport, Unmanned Life, Bristol City Council, University of Bristol and Cardiff University.

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