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Information for Mayoral Candidates 2021

Information for Mayoral Candidates 2021 2021-05-06T10:21:05+01:00

Contact information and queries

If candidates or their agents require any information about the election please contact Philippa.Penney@WestOfEngland-CA.gov.uk.

Sources of Information

The Electoral Commission provide guidance on standing for election, spending and donations, the campaign process, your right to attend key electoral events and after the declaration of results.

Queries relating to the functions of the Regional Mayor may also be sent to info@westofengland-ca.gov.uk.

More information can be found in our Candidate Briefing.

Nomination Process

The legislation for candidates wishing to stand in this election has changed due to coronavirus.

The Mayoral and Police and Crime Commissioner Elections (Coronavirus, Nomination of Candidates) (Amendment) Order 2021

The number of subscribers (i.e. signatures) that a candidate will require for their nomination form for a Combined Authority Mayoral election (CAM) is twice the number of local authorities in the Combined Authority area, and there must be two subscribers from each local authority.

For the West of England there are 3 local authorities within the area, and so a total of 6 signatures are required, 2 from each area.

Below is the nomination pack and related guidance for the West of England Mayoral election.

Nomination Pack

Nomination forms must be delivered by hand to the address of the Combined Authority Returning Officer (CARO) at 3 Rivergate, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6EW between the hours of 10am and 4pm on working days from Tuesday 23 March 2021 to Thursday 8 April 2021.

Informal checks of nomination papers will be by email only.  This facility will be available between 10am and 4pm on working days from Tuesday 23 March 2021 to Wednesday 7 April 2021.  Further information on this is available with the covering instructions accompanying the nomination pack.

Mayoral booklet

A booklet containing details of the West of England Mayoral election process and political statements from the candidates wishing to appear in the booklet will be sent to every elector registered to vote in this election.

Candidates can choose to have their ‘election address’ in the booklet. The election address is a campaign statement that a mayoral candidate makes to the electorate to persuade electors to vote for them. The Candidate Booklet Guide provides more detailed information.

Candidate booklet guide

Candidate spending limits

The candidate spending limit for the regulated period is calculated using a fixed amount multiplied by the total number of constituent councils plus 5.9p for every entry in the register of electors for this election.

The relevant electorate total across the combined authority area is 700,796 giving a spending limit of £48,432.96.

Detailed Electoral Commission guidance as to candidate spending and donation rules can be found below:

Spending and donations guidance

Election 2021
Candidate timetable information
Frequently asked questions