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We're here to help

Can’t make sense of your energy bills? Unsure whether to replace that old but important piece of equipment in your premises? Want to know where to start cutting costs?

We can help you make sense and take control of your energy costs, advising you on the quickest, most cost-effective actions to take to reduce them. Our advice is free and impartial, provided by experts in sustainability and business support. If you’re looking for more, we can refer you to our Growth Hub team and other resources.

Am I eligible for advice?

Our advice is available to small and medium enterprises employing no more than 249 people. You must have a registered and/or trading address in the Bath & North Somerset, Bristol or South Gloucestershire local authority areas.

This service is for businesses, not residents. Residents can read our online guide for reducing energy costs at home.

Our top tips to reduce your business' energy use

Gas meters Image credit: Robert Linder, Unsplash
1.Only pay for what you use

Reading your meter and sending meter readings to your supplier regularly (at least once a month) can make sure that your energy bills stay accurate. By taking meter readings, you will also see the cost benefits of any energy saving improvements straight away.

Light switch Image credit: Jaye Haysch, Unsplash
2. Do the free stuff first

The average small or medium business could reduce their energy bills by 6-9% without spending a penny. Switching lights off, setting timers and adjusting thermostats can help. They may be small on their own, but collectively they can have a big impact on your costs.

Engine shed office exterior door
3. Close the door behind you

Keeping your shop door shut when you’ve got the heating or air conditioning on can knock 50% off your energy bills, with no evidence to suggest that it impacts footfall or profits. It can also keep staff and customers more comfortable and reduce shoplifting.

LED lights Image credit: Evan Smogor, Unsplash
4. Switch all your lights to LEDs

Replacing your fluorescent tubes and halogen bulbs can reduce their electricity use by up to 90%! You could replace the whole fitting, but switching out the bulb or tube is likely to cost less.

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5. Shop around for a better deal

Energy prices are still volatile, but with changes in government support and the introduction of the Energy Bills Discount Scheme, it is worth shopping around as much as you can if you are renewing your contract.

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6. Speak with our team

We can offer free, impartial support to small and medium sized enterprises to help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs. Request a call back from our team now.

Want to dig deeper?

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We offer free, impartial support for small & medium sized enterprises to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.

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Read our guides and resources to navigate your green journey as a business.

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