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Changes in service provision to the EU

The UK’s exit from the EU has meant changes that could affect your business if you provide services to the EU market. We can offer your business valuable information to help you navigate these changes.

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Sector-specific information

Financial services

The majority of UK customers should see little difference in their financial services. They will be able to continue to use their bank accounts and other financial services regardless of whether their provider is based in the UK, Europe or elsewhere.

The legal services agreement now includes provisions giving UK solicitors, barristers and advocates the right to advise their clients across the EU in both UK and international law using the professional titles allocated in their country of residence.

Frequently asked questions

UK investors and service suppliers will still have access to the EU’s markets. They will not be subject to unfair barriers to trade. This includes business travellers, cross-border service suppliers, and investors.

If you have a registered business providing services in the UK (as an architect or tourist guide, for example), you can offer those services in another EU country. You can do this without setting up a company or branch there.

This can be useful if you want to:

  • provide a temporary service in another EU country
  • offer a service to a specific client in an EU location
  • test the market before expanding your business abroad.

You need to ensure your staff’s qualification(s) are recognised by their professional body in the UK.

You'll need to comply with the new rules before travelling to the EU, so be sure to:

  • check the validity of your passport
  • get travel insurance which covers your healthcare
  • check you have the correct driving documents
  • check roaming policies with your mobile provider.

If your business sells by distance, then you should register for VAT in the country that you’re selling to. This includes selling goods through digital, TV, mail order, phone or text messaging. This is especially important if the total value of goods exceeds the distance-selling threshold for the country in question (€35,000 for most EU countries).

When providing digital services to customers in the EU, you can either:

  • register for VAT Mini One Stop Shop (VAT MOSS) in each EU country where you sell services. (You will need to register for VAT MOSS in each EU country that you sell to.)
  • opt to pay VAT in each member state where you sell digital services.

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