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We want to hear your thoughts on the future of the region

We want to hear your thoughts on the future of the region 2020-11-17T12:08:06+00:00

We’re asking people living and working in the West of England for their views about the future of the region, to ensure the region is a greener, more connected place to live and work.

The feedback will help shape a Spatial Development Strategy that will make sure that homes, employment spaces and transport links are planned in the right places over the next 20 years. This will give residents access to homes and opportunities for work, education and leisure across the WECA area, which includes Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire Councils.

The strategy offers an opportunity to plan for a cleaner, greener recovery, ensuring new development is resilient, contributes towards reducing carbon emissions, and brings improvements for nature and sustainability.

By involving residents, businesses and organisations at this early stage of the process, we can make sure the plan reflects the priorities of the people who live and work here. If you would like an opportunity to find out more about the Spatial Development Strategy, we’re holding six webinars over the coming weeks – please register online.

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Strategic planning
Spatial Development Strategy webinar

What are your thoughts?

Let us know your views by answering the survey below:


Please submit your comments before the survey closes on 14 December 2020. Paper copies of the survey are available on request by calling 0117 428 6210 or by email at planning@westofengland-ca.gov.uk. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we expect it may take longer to post paper copies than usual, but we will endeavour to send them as soon as possible.

Your responses to the survey are the first step in developing a draft of the Spatial Development Strategy (alongside evidence and studies).

Once the draft is completed and published in 2021, the Strategy will be subject to a full statutory consultation, providing opportunity to formally comment on the proposed plan.

If you live or work in North Somerset, you can take part in the North Somerset Local Plan Choices Consultation which will run at the same time as the survey on the SDS. WECA and North Somerset will be co-operating on the development of both plans.

Integrated Impact Assessment for the SDS – scoping report

The SDS will undergo an Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA), which means the environmental, health , community safety and equalities impacts that could arise from the SDS will be assessed and reviewed throughout the plan-making process. In this way the IIA will meet our legal requirement to assess environmental impacts of the SDS including a Sustainability Appraisal. At this stage, our scoping report sets out our suggested approach to these assessments, and we are checking this is appropriate by consulting a number of bodies with formal responsibilities for the issues (‘statutory consultees’ we have a duty to engage with).  However, if you would like to give your views on the suggested approach, you can also do so by following the instructions on p. 9 in the Report, which is available to download below.

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