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Future Bright Participants FAQs

Future Bright Participants FAQs 2021-03-12T14:07:06+00:00

Read the frequently asked questions below to find out how Future Bright could help you.

What will I get from Future Bright? 2021-03-12T12:56:06+00:00

You will get a dedicated career progression coach working with you for3 to 6 months who will:

  • Support you to create a career action plan
  • Explore opportunities for career progression with you
  • Help you to build your confidence and motivation
  • Give you the opportunity to gain employability tools and skills such as CV, personal statement, application and interview techniques
  • Provide information on local opportunities and services
  • Signpost to specialist support that we are not able to provide including training, money, benefits, counselling and self-employed business support
  • Keep your information private (we have a duty to pass on information if we believe that you or another person is at risk)
Do I have to stay in the programme? 2018-05-30T09:17:06+01:00

Your participation in the programme is voluntary and you can withdraw from it at any time.

Are my identity and personal data kept confidential? 2021-03-12T13:59:29+00:00

Yes, unless you agree to be a case study, your participation in the programme is completely anonymous. How your data is used is explained in our Future Bright Privacy Notice (PDF 106Kb).

How much does it cost? 2021-03-12T10:33:55+00:00

Future Bright is free to those who are eligible to access the programme.


What are my responsibilities? 2021-03-12T10:24:23+00:00

Your career progression coach will work with you to create a personal plan based on what you want to achieve. Once the plan is agreed, we will ask that you work with your coach to:

  • Set realistic and time bound goals during your time with us
  • Follow up on the actions you agree with your coach
  • Tell us of any additional needs you may have or issues that arise
  • Tell us straight away if you have a problem attending a coaching session, interview or training
  • When your journey finishes with us complete an evaluation of your time with us and
  • Support the programme for others by providing your feedback
How will it fit in with my existing child care/family commitments? 2018-05-03T13:53:15+01:00

Future Bright is designed to fit around you and any commitments you already have.

Does my employer need to know I am working with you? 2021-03-12T10:27:41+00:00

No, it is your choice if you want to tell your employer you are working with a Future Bright coach to help you progress at work.

How much time will it take up? 2021-03-12T10:32:18+00:00

This depends on what you want to achieve. You will work with a coach for between 3 and 6 months and meetings will be arranged to fit in around your existing commitments.

I receive benefits. Will taking part in Future Bright affect this? 2021-03-12T10:06:02+00:00

Your benefits will not be affected while you take part in Future Bright. They may change should you progress and earn more money. At this point your benefits may reduce, but you will be financially better off.

Previous qualifications – do I need any or could I be over qualified? 2021-03-12T10:14:01+00:00

No. You just need to meet the eligibility criteria:

  • Living in the West of England (Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and South  Gloucestershire council areas)
  • Age 18 and over
  • In paid work (including self-employed and zero hours) and receiving benefits  or tax credits or earning below the real living wage