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Future Bright Employers Toolkit

Future Bright Employers Toolkit 2019-03-29T10:43:52+00:00

The employers’ toolkit provides practical advice on a range of business issues.  The toolkit has been created for Future Bright by Cool Ventures – Business Support in Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire and throughout South West England www.coolventures.co.uk.

For more information about how Future Bright can support your business, please contact futurebright@westofengland-ca.gov.uk or 0117 456 6964.


  1. Becoming an employer – considerations and legal obligations
  2. How to create a job description and person specification
  3. How to create an effective job advert
  4. How to review job applications
  5. How to invite candidates to interview
  6. How to conduct a telephone interview
  7. How to conduct a face-to-face interview
  8. How to review candidates and make a hiring decision
  9. How to make an offer of employment
  10. Contract of employment
  11. How to prepare for your new employee
  12. How to manage probationary periods

Data protection:

  1. Data protection best practice


  1. Holding HR records
  2. Producing a staff handbook
  3. Employee benefits
  4. Creating a motivating workplace
  5. Promoting equal opportunities workplace

Managing absence:

  1. How to manage holiday
  2. How to manage sickness absence
  3. How to manage other types of absence
  4. How to conduct a return to work interview

Managing performance:

  1. Guidance on employee communication and performance
  2. How to conduct an appraisal

Training and development:

  1. How to identify training needs
  2. How to create an action plan for employees

Health and safety:

  1. Health and safety in the workplace
  2. Mental health in the workplace
  3. Creating a safe and happy working environment for all

Flexible working:

  1. Guidance on family friendly policies
  2. Time off in lieu (TOIL) guidance
  3. Homeworking checklist for managers

Discipline and grievance

  1. Disciplinary factsheet
  2. Grievance factsheet


  1. Pension considerations

Managing staff leaving:

  1. Leavers checklist
  2. How to Conduct an Exit Interview