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Future Bright – support during Coronavirus outbreak

Future Bright – support during Coronavirus outbreak 2020-04-16T14:27:18+01:00

Future Bright is supporting local residents during the Coronavirus outbreak with career coaching.

To support more people during this difficult time, we have widened the criteria for those who can access Future Bright to include local residents who:

  • Have been made redundant or laid off
  • Are at risk of redundancy
  • Have had their hours significantly reduced, and therefore have a reduced income
  • Are self-employed and whose income or ability to earn has been severely impacted
  • Are furloughed employees, if their reduced income means they are eligible for Universal Credit

Future Bright is available to all West of England residents:

  • Aged 19 and over
  • Living in Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire
  • Receiving benefits or tax credits, or likely to start receiving Universal Credit

To find out more or check if Future Bright can help you, contact us on: