Future Bright Social Housing

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Welcome to Future Bright.

At Future Bright we are looking to help eligible people over the age of 19*, to gain the skills they need to realise their full potential. To do this we need your help in identifying tenants that fit the criteria.

Working with your tenants we will identify their career aspirations and give them the skills they need to get secure, better paid and rewarding employment. Investing in your tenants will boost their self-esteem and confidence leading to higher engagement and an increased sense of responsibility.

This is good for you as a landlord as it reduces the likelihood of rent arrears and difficulties with the tenancy.

There is no cost to you.

As part of the initiative we will provide you with support and promotional materials to encourage eligible tenants to sign up to the programme.

If you know of a tenant who is interested in the programme, you can refer them by clicking here.

To find out more, email futurebright@westofengland-ca.gov.uk to arrange an informal meeting.

For marketing materials to promote Future Bright, please contact the email address above.

*to be eligible for funding, tenants must be resident in Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset or South Gloucestershire, be 19 or over, in work and claiming benefits to top up their income.