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Future Bright Community Partners

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Sue Manning, Bath

Sue Manning, Bath

“I’ve been working with my Future Bright coach to identify potential jobs. I’m enrolling on a computer course and am looking at doing some voluntary work to boost my confidence and my CV.”

“I now feel I can achieve my goal to improve my career prospects and my pay.”

Future Bright helps eligible people over the age of 19*, to gain the skills they need to unlock their full potential. To do this we need your help in identifying eligible residents suitable for the programme.

Future Bright is tailored to an individual’s needs.  Each participant will be teamed up with a careers progression coach who can help with:

  • Careers advice –identify what an individual would like to do in the future and help create an achievable plan.
  • Overcoming barriers – that prevent an individual achieving their goals.
  • Improving skills – identifying and arranging the training needs, fitting it around current commitments.
  • Balancing priorities – access to help regarding finances, child care etc.
  • Existing employment – if the participant chooses, identify ways with their employer in which they can achieve more in their current role.
  • Taking the next step – providing support and advice to help reach their full potential.

All conversations are confidential, allowing each participant to talk freely about their current situation and what they want to achieve.

As part of the initiative we will provide you with promotional materials to encourage people you work with to sign up to the programme.

Support our residents in taking the next step to a brighter future.

If you know of someone who is interested in joining the programme, you can refer them. Alternatively, contact your local Future Bright team to arrange an initial, informal chat:

For marketing materials to promote Future Bright, please contact your nearest delivery partner at the appropriate email address above.


View the details regarding what we do with any personal information you give us.

*to be eligible you must be resident in Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset or South Gloucestershire, be 19 or over, in paid work and claiming benefits to top up your income.