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Employment and Skills Plan

Employment and Skills Plan 2021-04-26T09:24:57+01:00

The West of England Combined Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership aim to drive clean and inclusive growth. We want to ensure people can contribute to and benefit from the opportunities growth brings; and we are focused on helping grow our economy in ways that protect the climate and environment upon which we and future generations depend.

Our shared ambitions for the region are set out in a number of strategic documents: principally in the Local Industrial Strategy  which sets out our broad ambition, the sectors of greatest importance to our regional economy and in the Employment and Skills Plan which sets out how we intend to support the people, communities, and businesses of the region to thrive, obtain the skills needed in the region and benefit from opportunities created.

We have also created an Employment and Skills Plan Summary and an evidence base for the Employment and Skills Plan.

To supplement these strategic documents, we have now prepared a Annual Skills Report and associated annexes which provides up to date information on what our challenges are, what we are delivering to address these, and what our region’s distinctive strengths are. This report was overseen by our region’s Skills Advisory Panel.

West of England Skills Advisory Panel

The West of England Skills Advisory Panel (SAP) is a group of employers, business community representatives, training providers and other key local stakeholders who regularly meet to review and understand our region’s skills needs and ensure appropriate solutions are put in place to ensure our region can meet those needs. There are 36 SAPs across England as part of Mayoral Combined Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships. One of the key responsibilities of the Panel is to make sure we fully understand our future skills requirements, and ensure that solutions leave no one behind. The report sets out this current understanding, drawing on all the evidence currently available to us.