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Clean growth

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We know we all need to do more to reduce carbon emissions, and achieving clean growth is at the heart of our emerging Local Industrial Strategy. It will increase our productivity, boost earning power and help protect the climate and environment upon which we and future generations depend.

The West of England Low Carbon Challenge Fund supports small and medium-sized businesses to improve their energy efficiency through the Green Business Grant scheme. It aims to increase innovative renewable energy generation in the region, which also delivers community benefits through the Local Energy scheme. Visit these links for more information:

WECA also hosts the South West Energy Hub – a £3.5m project funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy to increase the number and quality of local energy projects in the South West. Find out more via this link https://www.westofengland-ca.gov.uk/south-west-energy-hub/

WECA and LEP have invested millions in projects to support clean growth ambitions, including £10m in the Institute of Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS) – a global centre of excellence, delivering transformational research and innovation in low-emission vehicles. We’ve also invested in the National Composites Centre, which is developing lightweight materials that are stronger and have the potential to reduce weight and increase carbon efficiency.

We’re working to tackle congestion and improve transport options, encouraging people to leave their cars at home. The need to address poor air quality and take action against climate change is a key objective of our region’s Joint Local Transport Plan 4 which you can read on this webpage http://www.travelwest.info/jltp.

Energy Strategy

On 15 February, the West of England Joint Committee agreed the basis for a ‘West of England Energy Strategy’. This sets the direction towards a diverse, resilient and affordable energy system that enables economic growth and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  It outlines five areas of activity:

1) Improving business and industry energy efficiency

2) improving our homes

3) accelerating the shift to low carbon transport

4) delivering clean, smart, flexible power

5) leading in the public sector.

Low Carbon Challenge Fund
South West Energy Hub