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YTKO facilitates business support – Peer Networks

Toby Howkins speaking to a group of people
Image credit: YTKO

YTKO Ltd deliver a range of funded services with a focus on enterprise support. Being in the heart of the business community in the West for over a decade, they have worked with thousands of businesses to achieve their ambitions. They employ 60 – 100 employees nationally.

They work with the West of England Growth Hub to deliver the Peer Networks programme and Universal Business Support service.

Peer Networks brings together business leaders and managers from differing sectors to talk about challenges and successes within their business. The programme offers 1:1s, mentorship, workshops, networking, e-learning and much more.

What interested you in the Peer Networks project and why?

As a facilitator, I was interested in supporting the local business community and engaging with business leaders. Being able to engage over an extended period with local business owners was very appealing to me.

What measurable impact have you seen as a result of being involved in Peer Networks?

The way the conversation and feedback became increasingly insightful was a fantastic result with the programme. As people got to know each other and their businesses, their comments and questions became more tailored and precise. This led to useful challenges for the business owners to take away and apply in their own business.

We had a varied group of sectors and business size, and it was interesting how experiences and knowledge with some may have felt not obviously relevant, ended up being the most useful to share. This created an environment where participants could detach themselves from their business through discussing another, but then realise the learnings can be applied to their own.

The cohort have remained in touch and regularly share updates and recommendations.

Would you recommend Peer Networks to other businesses?

Yes absolutely!

During the pandemic, we have all become increasingly isolated. Business owners often suffer with isolation as they can’t vent to their staff and often have to hide their concerns. Having a group of like-minded local business owners to regularly meet with is very valuable to overcome this and to then perform better in your business.

The regular meetings are key during this time as the business environment is ever-changing. Having a regular meeting means you can gain feedback as the event is occurring and be ready to react.

How would you pitch Peer Networks to businesses?

An opportunity to bounce ideas and share experiences with like-minded local business owners who are all there to help each other.


Want more information?

If you'd like to find out more on Peer Networks or the other leadership and development support offered by the Growth Hub, please use this link to take you to their website: take me to more information