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Wheatfield Primary School: School winner, Bee Bold Awards

Wheatfield Primary School, in the heart of Bradley Stoke, created 'Our Nature Needs' to increase wildlife within the school grounds whilst educating and connecting young people with nature.  The Bee Bold expert selection panel commended the school and pupils for their roles in educating others to take action, which in turn is inspiring parents and families to get involved.


What they did

‘Our Nature Needs’ was inspired by 12 young leaders on Wheatfield Primary School's Eco Council who pledged to improve the school grounds for wildlife. The school and its pupils have taken several pollinator-friendly actions including sowing a wildflower meadow, installing bee hotels and a bee bank, and planting nectar-rich fruit trees. 

The impact for Wheatfield Primary School

Pupils at the school and the wider community played an active role in developing the ‘Our Nature Needs’ campaign, including fundraising by the school’s Friends Group and Saturday morning volunteering sessions.  The school now has an allotment for growing and has plans to develop wildflower borders and green roofs. 

The school is linking each environmental project in the grounds to create a Blue Heart Trail, creating a fun way for pupils to engage with and learn about nature. 

The impact for pollinators

The project provides vital support to pollinators, with diverse habitats and rich food sources across the school site. Wheatfield Primary School is also working with other local schools in South Gloucestershire to share their knowledge and passion for nature, and to show how simple ideas can make a big difference.