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Viper Innovations Ltd. Air Conditioning and Solar Film

Viper Innovations Ltd. Air Conditioning and Solar Film

European Regional Development FundBased in Portishead, Viper Innovations is an electrical engineering consultancy that develops products and provides services to infrastructural industries such as subsea and rail. The company has used grant funding to upgrade and split the air conditioning system into two separate circuits with separate controls and outdoor units, resulting in greater control and reduction in demand. Furthermore, solar film has been fitted to the existing windows to reduce solar gain and overheating risk. This in turn reduces demand on the air conditioning and improves staff comfort levels.

Project cost: £28,000

Grant awarded: £11,210

The impact

  • lightbulb icon 31% Reduction in energy use
  • World icon 7.2t CO₂e Annual reduction in business carbon emissions
  • Hand with money in it icon £2,252 Annual saving on energy bills

West of England Green Business Grants

The West of England Green Business Grants Scheme offers small & medium enterprises in the region capital grants to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and/or business operations.  The grants of up to £15,000 cover 50-80% of eligible costs.  The £1.7m Scheme is part of the Low Carbon Challenge Fund, which is funded by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund and the West of England Combined Authority’s Recovery Fund.