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Learning to grow in a changing market – Tutorum

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Tutorum Learning and Assessment Ltd was founded in 2013 by Pete Jarrett. They provide global consultancy and training around digital curriculum design, barriers to learning, maths learning and SEND. Tutorum have worked with schools, colleges, training providers and in corporate L&D. The company is based in North Somerset.

The Growth Hub provided support for Tutorum, helping them to think about extra funding and grants the company could apply for, in particular around research and development and innovation. The team also supported Tutorum with networking and collaborating with other businesses  involved in similar areas.

"The Growth Hub helped us by giving us the business support, and advice that we needed to understand how to market new programmes and technology. The team have also been very good at providing coaching around our look, in particular our website.”  said Pete Jarrett, founder of Tutorum.

Pete Jarrett, Founder, Tutorum

“Covid-19 affected us quite drastically at the start. A lot of our business stopped overnight.  As time went on, because we work in education technology, we’ve seen a huge growth in interest and we’ve actually pivoted the business based on the advice that we’ve had from the Growth Hub."

Pete Jarrett, Founder

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If you'd like to find out more on business support offered by the Growth Hub, please use this link to take you to their website: take me to more information