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Skills Bootcamps – Mott MacDonald Group

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Explore the practical impact of the West of England Combined Authority's Skills Bootcamps through the experiences of Drishika and Chris.

Hailing from the Mott MacDonald Group in Bristol, Drishika and Chris showcase how Skills Bootcamps can help employers to empower their teams to master new tools and drive innovation.

The action

The action


Drishika took part in the Bespoke Digital Skills Bootcamp. Drishika said, “I hoped to get an overview and understanding of the software’s capabilities and to see it used in non-standard ways, for example in non-engineering applications. It also seemed like a good way to enter the realm of coding and to enhance my existing knowledge of visual programming.”

The action


The Mott MacDonald group also provided Skills Bootcamps in ‘Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA)’ and ‘Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)’. Chris took part in both of these Bootcamps.

The result

Drishika said, “the Skills Bootcamp has enhanced my experience of developing my own skillset. It has provided me with a unique skillset which adds value to the daily tasks that I carry out as a graduate.

“The Skills Bootcamp has also been a valuable skill for automation activities which I have learned to use.”

Chris said, “I now have a much greater understanding of the principles of DfMA/MMC and various other aspects, such as ‘lean six-sigma’, FMEA/PFMEA, value, the IPEX model, etc.

“There was a lot more content than I expected that relates to the subject of DfMA/MMC that has given me a much greater understanding of the importance of this subject in the wider construction industry.”

“I have taken on a role within my team to champion DfMA/MMC and assist others in utilising these principles in their projects. This will naturally aid my own progression by making me more visible within the company.”