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Skills Bootcamps – Ellie

HGV with weston college written on the side

During the Covid pandemic, Ellie held a demanding position within the NHS, braving the high pressures of the healthcare environment.

However, with the joyful news of her pregnancy, Ellie decided it was time to embark on a career transition after her maternity leave. Ellie wanted to create a better balance between her professional pursuits and the needs of her growing family.

Ellie faced some barriers in finding employment as most employers look for candidates with driving experience, but she persisted and was able to find an employer that would give her an opportunity. She had also worried that being a female driver and having children would mean her facing barriers to employment, but this wasn’t the case - after completing her Skills Bootcamp, Ellie found an employer who was really impressed with her and gave her an opportunity.

“Skills Bootcamp has given our family a better way of life”


The result

In Ellie’s new role, her salary is the same as her and her partner’s combined take-home pay had been when the pair had both been working full time in previous roles.  Ellie says, “Skills Bootcamp has given our family a better way of life”.

Her partner is now a full time stay at home parent whilst she works full time, and another bonus has been that her children feel that "she is a super cool Mum now that she’s driving lorries."