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Growing the business with tailored support – Seetru Ltd

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Seetru Limited are manufacturers of safety relief and other special purpose ancillary valves for a wide range of compressed air, industrial gas, refrigerants, powder, steam, liquid and liquefied gas applications.

Their team got in touch with the West of England Combined Authority’s Growth Hub as they wanted to achieve the next step in their growth plans, but faced many different resources limitations as well as obstacles from Brexit and COVID-19.

Seetru were keen to explore funding for innovation, access to digital technology knowhow and leadership training as key needs for the future development of the business. Andrew Varga, Managing Director said: “We knew the Growth Hub team could help us with both funding support and access to knowhow.”

Seetru registered on the following Growth Hub programmes:

  • Trading Better Online to support specification of a CRM system
  • Productivity Through People leadership training at Bath University
  • Technology Adoption Lab to support the selection and forward planning for a CRM system
  • They also applied for the Business Innovation Fund to support creation of a new zero carbon related product

Andrew continued:  “The Growth Hub team have supported us to go from our vision that we wanted a CRM system, but had no real knowledge of CRM systems, to the point that we have identified the CRM package we are going to use and have a detailed specification of the functionality we are going to use.  We are now ready to start the implementation process.  It is hard to see how we could have done this without the knowhow and technical support we have received.”

Seetru has found the Productivity Through People course particularly useful, with a wide range of knowledge coming from the lecturers.

“It is developing the thought processes of our young leaders as well as providing ideas and tools that they will bring to bear in the company and with the teams they manage. Although we have not yet completed the course it has already clearly improved the confidence and morale of the two managers who attend the programme.”

As a result of attending Growth Hub programmes, Seetru are on course to:

  • Implement a new CRM system
  • Employ business development through a new strategic sales and marketing process
  • Re-build business development operations in Europe post Brexit, taking a structured strategic approach
  • Continue development of their export business to the rest of the world through a structured strategic process
  • Develop new product innovation
  • Establish manufacturing productivity improvements
  • Enhance their ERP system
  • Enhance their management information and KPI systems

“I would strongly recommend the Growth Hub. They signpost the way to best practice in areas which one knows little about. This cuts out a huge amount of discovery work and lots of false starts and dead ends. They truly are a growth accelerator.”

Andrew Varga, Managing Director

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