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Music artist on receiving mentoring and business support – Sara Filleur

Sara Filleur
Image credit: Sara Filleur

Sara Filleur is a music artist, who also works in creative technology and experimental philosophy of technology. Sara makes records and tours as a musician with half her time dedicated to research and development and writing.

Sara reached out to the West of England Growth Hub due to the effect the pandemic was having on her career.

Sara says, "Covid caused for me some delays in projects but it also allowed me to stop and take a break. It gave me space and time to write, to think about what was really important to me, develop new business and personal projects."

While Sara was taking time out she started to focus on leadership and personal development and after a Google search she came across the Growth Hub.

"I was interested in the business mentoring and the one to one support because what I do is very niche and specific. When I started to work with Combined Authority, I had just moved from another part of the country and didn’t know anyone here. I was working on a new research project and I was very interested in getting to know the economic and cultural fabric of the region, making connections and identifying networking opportunities. " said Sara.

Sara have been meeting regularly with her mentor and coach for the past six months. In that time they have been able to work on different projects, analysing needs, challenges and opportunities. Sara went on to say: "It opened doors for me on great collaboration opportunities, I have been able to build an invaluable network. I also have undeniably generated new growth and several amazing projects. "

Sara Filleur

"I have been able to connect, work and be supported by different universities for my projects thanks to the Growth Hub. I have been discovering an amazing community of like minded people and there are loads of opportunities for what I do there. "

Sara Filleur, Music Artist

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