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Taking a 360 business view with Peer Networks – Rapport Digital

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Rapport Digital are a full service marketing agency based in the region.

Jayne Smith, Director and Co-founder of Rapport Digital contacted the West of England Growth Hub for support with their business due to Covid-19.

What interested you in the Peer Networks project and why?

Having been working mainly at home through the pandemic, it was quite isolating and we were very much focussed on day to day tasks. I liked the idea of exchanging ideas and experience with a peers network in a non-sales environment.

What support did your business receive?

I was part of a peer network group which met every Friday to discuss and share experiences on a range of business topics that were universal to all.

How have you adapted your business model and working practices as a result of your involvement in Peer Networks?

It was so hard to see the wood for the trees, working at home delivering projects while also facing lockdown and school closures (I also had 3 children at home).

These sessions allowed me to think outside of the day to day and to really think about the future of the business, how to grow, streamline etc. They really helped me to refine our business messages and think about and define the types of customers we wanted to engage with.

What measurable impact have you seen as a result of being involved in Peer Networks?

We created a new website during this period, and were able to refine the messages and design with feedback from the group  I was in. The also helped me to validate our target market. I value the views and feedback of the peer group tremendously.
We applied for a Combined Authority grant too, which we wouldn’t have otherwise been aware of.

What are your business’s next steps for growth?

Firstly for us, it's consolidation. We have further strengthened our team to add more services which suit the times in terms of the enhanced demand for online and digital marketing and so we are doing more SEO and PPC marketing work.  This is easy to scale up and generated tangible results for clients. Rather than doing all sorts of projects for all sorts of companies we have really defined our target audience and work with larger, ambitious businesses where we can really make a difference.

What other support has the Growth Hub connected or signposted your business to?

The Growth Hub team signposted us towards grants and we hope to be able to secure grant funding in the future.

Would you recommend Peer Networks to other businesses?

Yes, without question.

The conversations and connections gained through the peer networks programme are and continue to be invaluable, and I feel as if I have built a trusted network. We are all meeting in person soon and have continued to be in contact.

How would you pitch Peer Networks to business leaders?

I would say that it enables you to take a 360 degree look at your business and to take a fresh and subjective look at things through. Sharing experiences, both success and failure is invaluable.


Want more information?

If you'd like to find out more on Peer Networks or the other leadership and development support offered by the Growth Hub, please use this link to take you to their website: take me to more information