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Natracare – bringing nature back to an urban space

Natracare has brought its commitment to the environment right to its own doorstep by creating a wildlife garden at its South Gloucestershire headquarters.

What Natracare did

Natracare is the world’s first brand of organic and natural period products, based in South Gloucestershire. Founder Susie Hewson worked with colleagues to turn the gardens around their office into a haven for wildlife.

The gardens were a mixture of grass and shrub little used by staff or local residents. It even became a dumping ground for unwanted mattresses. The Natracare team worked with local contractor, The Garden Doctor, to turn the space into a wildlife garden with a pond fed by rainwater, a raised vegetable bed, perennial meadow and fruit trees. Over time, a mixed hedgerow was added to create bird nesting sites, along with a woodland area and bug houses supporting bees, butterflies, beetles and moths.

The impact for Natracare

The area is now well used by staff and by residents living close by. A green-roofed round shelter creates a shaded seating area.

Most Natracare staff volunteer time in the garden and use it as an extended office working area, for breaks, enjoying the sunshine and harvesting fruit and vegetables. They even run a staff sunflower growing competition.

Natracare also won Gold in South West In Bloom over two consecutive years.

The impact for pollinators

The wildlife garden has hosted eight beehives. Employee Jim is keen to develop his beekeeping skills to manage Natracare’s own hives. The team is also planning to offer the space to local schools to develop their forest skills teaching, pond dipping or just engaging with the small wilderness for wellbeing.

Find out more

The West of England Combined Authority have brought together Pollinator Resources for information on how your organisation can support bees and pollinators.