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Low Carbon Business Support: Moor Beer

Purchased as a defunct business and reborn in 2007, Moor Beer has become one of the world’s top-rated breweries. They have now celebrated over 15 years of trade, serving live, vegan-friendly and sustainable beers to people from all walks of life.

Named from the Levels and Moors area of Somerset where the brewery originated, Moor Beer’s philosophy comes from the natural fermentation and carbonation with live yeast, enhancing flavour and texture to alternative brewing methods.

Taking action

Moor Beer were awarded a £15,000 Green Business Grant from the Combined Authority to install a 47kWp solar photovoltaic array on the roof of their brewery. The impact of carrying out this work was:

  • 25% reduction in energy use
  • £5,500 annual energy bill reduction, expected to double when their current energy contract finishes
  • 18tCO2e annual reduction is greenhouse gas emissions

On completing the work, Maryann said “there are few opportunities where we can save money without compromising on the quality for our customers, improve staff comfort and improve the environment for generations to come. It’s amazing to be able to tick all 3 boxes in one action. With the rise in fuel prices and inflation, the value of the solar panels will increase at an even faster rate.”

As well as the direct savings, the solar panels have been a talking point with customers, suppliers and the general public. “It got people talking, thinking, and hopefully acting on it.”

“I’m sure everyone can do their part and every little helps. But more solar panels on buildings seems to be a no-brainer.”

Maryann Hawke, Director

CO2e savings calculated using BEIS Conversion Factors 2017. Energy costs calculated from BEIS Energy and Emissions Projections 2018, using 2020 retail prices. West of England Green Business Grants 2019-2023 is funded by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund and the West of England Combined Authority’s Recovery Fund.

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