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Low Carbon Business Support: Mathias and Sons

Based in Avonmouth and trading since 1952, Mathias & Sons is a 4th-generation family run business that provides tailored workwear and personal protective equipment to well-known organisations across the UK.

Being aware of the need to adapt, the business has embraced many changes over the last 70 years, showing commitment to technology, sustainability and reducing carbon emissions to meet the challenges of today.

Taking action

Mathias & Sons were awarded a £15,000 Green Business Grant from the Combined Authority to install 50kWp Solar PV panels. The estimated impact of carrying out this work was:

  • 75% reduction in energy use
  • £8,800 annual savings to energy bills
  • 28tCO2e annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

Smaller, low-cost actions were also made at the same time. “Even the simple things like draft excluders on doors, and changing the door closer mechanisms to shut sooner, the little things that don’t cost a lot that still have an impact.” Jason also highlighted the changing culture within the business, encouraging their 45 employees to “think more about how we can behave more sustainably”.

“SMEs represent 99.9% of businesses in the UK, they play a massive part in our economy. It is critical that they are engaged with and supported to reduce the carbon footprint of the UK and make our region more sustainable. They often lack the expertise, but there is an awful lot of energy and drive to make things happen with the SME space.”

Jason Mathias, Director, Mathias & Sons

CO2e savings calculated using BEIS Conversion Factors 2017. Energy costs calculated from BEIS Energy and Emissions Projections 2018, using 2020 retail prices. West of England Green Business Grants 2019-2023 is funded by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund and the West of England Combined Authority’s Recovery Fund.

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