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Low Carbon Business Support: Kingsway Laundry

Based in Kingsway Shopping Precinct, Kingsway Laundry have been serving the community of St George for almost 19 years, providing a range of laundry facilities from large dryers to washing machines. Their services also include commercial pickup and delivery to local businesses and communities in the wider Bristol area.

Taking action

Kingsway Laundry were awarded a £15,000 Green Business Grant to replace their gas-fired water heater with a highly efficient air-to-water heat pump system, with pipe insulation added on the hot feeds to the washing machines. They also installed solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate electricity on site, supporting the new heat pump system. These bold actions were estimated to result in:

  • 16% reduction in energy demand
  • 40% energy needs met by solar panels
  • 6.1 tCO2e Annual reduction in carbon emissions
  • Over £350 annual saving on energy bills

Chris has been “very impressed” with how efficiently the air-source heat pumps have heated up their water and kept up with customer demand during peak times, especially in the winter. He estimates they are operating between 300% and 400% efficiency most of the time. The solar panels have also exceeded expectations.

Having discovered from the Carbon Survey that a lot of energy was being used out-of-hours, Chris has also carried out ‘quick fixes’ by "using timers and removing unnecessary items", as well as "adding thick insulation around our water tank and all hot water pipes."

"The solar panels have impressed us with their output, covering far more of our demand than we expected!"

Chris Hills, Kingsway Laundry

Chris Hills says

"I think [small and medium enterprises] are essential [to drive down greenhouse gas emissions]… it is maybe easier for a smaller business to make changes in a timely manner and, as there are so many of us, we can make a large difference as a group."

"We think being ‘green’ and responsible is incredibly important, and being seen to do so helps others follow suit. It is also very important to our customers and business clients wanting to ensure their own laundry is being processed responsibly. With the price of gas going up so dramatically recently, moving from gas to electric water heating has helped us financially too."

CO2e savings calculated using BEIS Conversion Factors 2017. Energy costs calculated from BEIS Energy and Emissions Projections 2018, using 2020 retail prices. West of England Green Business Grants 2019-2023 is funded by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund and the West of England Combined Authority’s Recovery Fund.

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