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Low Carbon Business Support: Jam Inn’s Ice Delivery

Based in Fishponds, Bristol, Jam Inns Ice Delivery is an ice producer and supplier for businesses and events. Having previously run a business in the hospitality sector, owner James Maloney recognised a demand for an ice delivery service in the South-West. They are now the region’s largest supplier.

“Within a couple of years, I was supplying to many of the sites at Glastonbury Festival, Stadium events across the south-west, many bars, restaurants & event companies… the phone didn’t stop ringing for ice deliveries.”

Taking action

Jam Inns were awarded a Green Business Grant of nearly £15,000 from the Combined Authority to install an insulated roller shutter, replace fluorescent lighting with LEDs and install a 23kWp Solar PV array on the roof.

The estimated impact of carrying out this work was:

  • 40% energy needs met by solar panels
  • Over £2,500 annual saving on energy bills
  • 8.6 tCO2e annual reduction in carbon emissions

A new, more efficient ice machine was also installed at the same time, with heat expelled outside rather than into the warehouse.

As well as the financial and carbon savings, the impact on the business has been life changing. The warehouse no longer overheats and remains comfortable all year round due to the insulated shutter and replacement ice machine. Now instead of working overnight, James makes use of free solar energy, has shifted production to the daytime and spends his evenings at home!

With the rising cost of living, for James, these changes couldn’t have come soon enough. “At the time the cost savings weren’t the ultimate goal of the project… it was future proofing our business to be more sustainable. However, there is no question the timing was perfect in terms of completing the project when the price rise hit… now it makes more sense than ever to implement these changes.”

CO2e savings calculated using BEIS Conversion Factors 2017. Energy costs calculated from BEIS Energy and Emissions Projections 2018, using 2020 retail prices. West of England Green Business Grants 2019-2023 is funded by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund and the West of England Combined Authority’s Recovery Fund.

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