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Fulcrum Projects

Fulcrum Projects trade fair
Image credit: Fulcrum Projects

European Regional Development Fund

Fulcrum Projects provides technical services to live events across the UK, Europe and the world. As specialists in power distribution, the company also operates an ecommerce website – The Power Outlet - offering rental equipment to event organisers.

With the onset of Covid-19 and the cancellation of live events Fulcrum Projects saw the majority of its income vanish overnight. To survive it decided to develop new products and expand its ecommerce offering with a view to it becoming its main source of income.

Fulcrum Projects used the Business Growth Grant to develop a new ecommerce website to launch a new clean, efficient event battery system - ‘Animate’.

Project Cost: £7,500.00

Grant Awarded: £4,965.67

The impact

Online sales have slowly picked up over the recent months helping to cover some of the company’s overheads. Fulcrum Projects hopes to maintain the momentum and build on this success with the launch of the new website.

Elise Tregaskis, Director of Fulcrum Projects said: “Developing the new ecommerce website has definitely been more about safeguarding rather than creating jobs for us, but hopefully by using local designers and developers, we have in turn helped them stay in business.

“As the event industry slowly rebuilds, we’re confident that by approaching live event power in a more sustainable way the new Animate battery system will become an industry leader.”

West of England Business Growth Grants

The grants supported businesses from all sectors to recover from the challenges presented by Covid-19. Grants of up to £6,000 were available to support businesses with their plans to sustain or drive growth, by implementing new business practices or adopting new ways of working