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Enterprise Adviser Profile: Nick Lee

I became an Enterprise Adviser in 2019. Primarily this involves helping the school with their careers strategy and programme. I have helped at a strategic level, but I have also rolled up my sleeves and got involved with a few of the workshops. I believe that part of being a successful individual or a success business, is giving back to the community.

These children are our future. Every generation should thrive to be better than the previous one. If the next generation outperform us, we will continue to grow and thrive as an economy and as a community. Personally, I felt there are pockets of our community that are deprived and require support.

There are schools that are under-funded and under-resourced that need our help. There are children that need our inspiration- you may be able to relate to them more than the teachers.

I spoke at a Year 8 assembly recently to share my journey into law from a single parent background living on a council estate to become the youngest and first non-white Partner in a top 100 law firm. You could hear a pin drop.

The teachers said that they had never known the students to listen so intently. I work on the basis that if I can inspire just 10 children to achieve their dreams, they may go on to inspire 10 more each, and so on. Building a brighter future takes a collective approach...

The teachers said that they had never known the students to listen so intently.

Nick Lee, Enterprise Adviser