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Ecus Ltd: Space for Nature winner, Bee Bold Awards (Business)

Ecus, an environmental consultancy, relocated to Littleton-Upon-Severn in 2020 and quickly took action to enable rewilding of the grounds of their new office to nurture wildlife and pollinators.

What they did

Ecus Ltd asked the management company of their new office to change the management of the open spaces.  Mowing, and spraying of pesticides was stopped to give nature a chance to recover. A gravel area has turned into a botanically diverse area to support invertebrate species.  A team of Ecus’s environmental consultants and ecologists has been monitoring the growth and development of the area.

The impact for Ecus Ltd

By changing the management of open spaces around their new office, Ecus was able to bring it more closely in line with the company’s values and purpose.  The team has also been able to use the newly developed habitats to run several botany training days. 

The impact for pollinators

The area has changed from a highly managed and manicured landscape to a wilder and more natural setting. The change in approach has encouraged greater biodiversity with grasses and wildflowers supporting invertebrates and pollinators.