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Avon Wildlife Trust – Grow Wilder: People for Nature winner, Bee Bold Awards (Broader Organisations)

Avon Wildlife Trust’s Grow Wilder is a six-acre space rich with wildflowers and food growing to educate and inspire local people to take positive action for nature.

The Bee Bold expert selection panel commended the approach of supporting and educating the community to make change in their own settings, especially with Grow Wilder located within the urban environment.

What they did

At Grow Wilder, Avon Wildlife Trust has created a space to teach and inspire people to grow their own food and nurture nature in their homes and communities.  

Through Employee Engagement Days, Avon Wildlife Trust welcomes and trains hundreds of volunteers annually to increase the impact of people to create wild spaces and support pollinators across Bristol and Avon. 

At Grow Wilder, a unique wildflower nursery produces organically produced, peat free, high nectar wildflowers that are excellent sources of nutrition for the insects that rely on them.  

The impact for Grow Wilder

Grow Wilder creates a space for Avon Wildlife Trust to showcase wild growing, engage with diverse communities and inspire local people to take action. It is key to Avon Wildlife Trust’s ambition that by 2030, 30% of the land in Avon will be managed for the benefit of wildlife. 

The impact for pollinators 

About 20% of the site is dedicated to plants that support thousands of flying pollinators. 

Through the wildflower nursery, Grow Wilder is nurturing more plants for their own space, and for local people to grow in their gardens, communities and workspaces.