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EU changes led to extra support for this company – A&R (House) BCL

Manufacturing Warehouse
Image credit: A&R (House)

A&R House (BCL) Ltd contacted the West of England Combined Authority’s Growth Hub as they were experiencing challenges in growing their market overseas, delays in exporting and contracts plus hesitancy in their EU customer base.

A&R specialise in the processing of fruit pomace. Processing a multitude of fruit pomaces through their specialised dryers and cleaners every year, they offer innovative solutions to fruit pressing waste. Their focus is on valorising previously wasted fruit pomace, maintaining its essential place in the food chain and keeping it out of the waste bin.

Alistair House, Director, got in touch with the Growth Hub to find out how they could support the business with EU rule changes, business growth and staff training.

The business was experiencing challenges due to Covid-19 and Alistair felt he needed to talk to someone to see how they could move forward.

Alistair said: "The Growth Hub business adviser had a very good understanding of an entrepreneurial business such as ours. She provided us with access to peer networking, business advice and connections with similar businesses, and to council links.”

A&R House (BCL) Ltd were directed to a variety of Growth Hub support programmes which would help them address their challenges:

  • Business development courses (based at a partner site in North Somerset)
  • Peer Networks
  • Accountancy advice
  • Trading Better Online

As a result of working with the Growth Hub, A&R have tried to direct the various options available from Growth Hub towards different parts of their enterprise.

“We have gained resilience in our business by being diverse, plus, a small amount of growth has put us in a place where we have some natural coverage. A small example is where we took on four new part-time clerks for our Post Office, and two of them have AAT qualifications, so that has given us more resilience in our accounting team, taking the pressure off everyone.” continued Alistair.

The tangible results Alistair is seeing in his business in an increase in resilience, improved delegation and better internal communications.

“We now have a renewed desire to place our main business enterprises in a position where they could be marketed as a discrete package of contracts. There’s more to be explored but the support offered from the Growth Hub has helped us.

I have mentioned several of the strands to a couple of business friends already. We’ll also look to explore further support packages from the Growth Hub as we continue to develop and grow.”

Alistair House, Owner

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If you'd like to find out more on business support offered by the Growth Hub, please use this link to take you to their website: take me to more information