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West of England Careers Hub – Abbeywood Community School (OAT)

Abbeywood School

The West of England Careers Hub work with schools across the region. The team provide support alongside the Careers & Enterprise Company, which includes Enterprise Advisers, Gatsby Benchmarking, SEND and information events.


What is the area of challenge or good practice the exemplar addresses or supports?

Linking curriculum to careers within each department.

What were the learning outcomes or objectives for the exemplar?

To develop a better understand on why curriculum and careers link is important.

How they can impact the student’s career aspirations within their department?

Improve knowledge of career education strategies and quick wins

What are the key steps in the implementation of the activity or encounter?

  • Having an allocated CPD session booked into the calendar
  • Presentation planning with your CEC Enterprise Coordinator and Advisor
  • Printed literature on the Gatsby Benchmark for the CPD attendees
  • Faculty time to discuss how careers can be implemented into the lessons and classrooms

Outline the key steps required to deliver the encounter or activity.

Structured presentation the allows staff discussion at key point to keep engagement high

What resources or materials are needed to deliver the activity?

Careers in the Curriculum photos

How was success measured and what impact has been achieved by the activity or encounter?

  • The impact was measured by classroom observations based on faculties stated commitment to improve their curriculum ad careers link
  • Observing careers being implemented into a lesson will show the students the career pathways available and increase knowledge of the world of work
  • Having subject careers board help to drop feed aspirations in the student and create to have career conversations with teachers

What went well and what would be even better if?

  • CEC support helped reinforce the important of CEIAG in the school
  • Presentation from the CEC gave vital intel in the state for the region and the forecast for the future
  • A structure helped maintain staff engagement
  • Accountability to be reinforced by SLT

Top tips for anyone else undertaking this activity

  • Do your research! Stats and fact will help to strengthen quest for commitment from staff members
  • Give opportunities for staff to communicate with each other at points of your presentation
  • Have a clicker so you are not stuck behind the computer
  • Remember to praise the work being done already but express that there is room for improvements

Want to know more?

To find out more about the Careers Hub and other education provider support services, please visit our Skills page - take me to Skills.