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Our senior management team is led by Dr Patricia Greer, Chief Executive of the West of England Combined Authority.

Patricia Greer
Dr Patricia Greer Chief Executive
Dr Patricia Greer is Chief Executive of the West of England Combined Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership. She led the region’s devolution programme from March 2015, resulting in the creation of the Combined Authority in 2017. Previously, she held a range of senior private, central, and local public sector positions. These included serving as a Director at the Cabinet Office with five years in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit. She has also been a Strategic Director in local government. Patricia’s early career included nearly ten years with leading management consultancies. She studied at the University of Bath, where she completed a PhD. In 1994, this was published as a book entitled ‘Transforming Central Government’.
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee Head of Strategy
Stephen Bashford
Stephen Bashford Director of Business and Skills
Kathryn Vowles
Kathryn Vowles Interim Director of Infrastructure
Malcolm Coe
Malcolm Coe Director of Investment and Corporate Services
Shahzia Daya
Shahzia Daya Director of Legal Services