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UK Community Renewal Fund

The UK Community Renewal Fund (UKCRF) has been introduced by the UK Government for 2021/22 to support people and communities most in need across the UK.

UK Community Recovery Fund

What is the UK Community Recovery Fund

The UKCRF will provide £220 million of additional funding to support people and communities most in need. It also intends to help the UK move smoothly away from the EU structural fund programme and is a pilot programme to prepare for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

The West of England Combined Authority has been collating bids into this Government fund, as lead authority for the West of England. This includes the Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire area.

The West of England Combined Authority has gathered applications from Local Authorities, Universities, Colleges, Third Sector organisations and others.

How is the UKCRF benefitting our region?

So far, the Combined Authority has secured £2.4m to support people and communities most in need across the region.

The UK Community Recovery Fund money will be used for four projects:

  • Young people, particularly those of African and Asian Heritage, will receive training and work experience to help them secure jobs and support the region’s transition to a green economy. This £775,685 project is being led by UWE, NatWest and the Black South West Network.
  • The Centre for Sustainable Energy will receive £115,360 to offer discounted or free retrofit assessments for people living in low-income communities. It sets out to benefit 60 local households and retrofit train 50 tradespeople across the region.
  • Individuals and businesses in South Gloucestershire will be supported with activities including investing in green skills and skills support for the over 50s. This £969,000 project will be led by South Gloucestershire Council.
  • In Bath and North East Somerset, a new project will help people from isolated and underrepresented groups and communities gain the confidence, skills, and funding they need to set up their own social enterprises. It will involve courses on what a social enterprise is, how they work, and how to set one up, as well as networking events so people can learn from others and grant support. This £606,381 project will be led by The Bath & North East Somerset Social Enterprise Programme.

Projects submitted to Government

Following assessment of the applications made, the below projects have been submitted to Government for consideration of funding through the UK Community Renewal Fund.

Submitted projects:

  • Ashley Community & Housing: UNLOCK
  • Bath & North East Somerset Council: Bath CAZ Business Renewal Scheme
  • Big Issue Group: Biking for good: Bringing economic (employment and skills), health, environmental and transport improvements to Bristol and beyond
  • Bristol City Council: Bristol Decarbonisation Development
  • Bristol City Council: South Bristol Film & TV Production Skills Programme
  • City of Bristol College: PASSPORT Bristol
  • South Gloucestershire & Stroud College: The HOPE Agency

Frequently asked questions

The government has published responses to frequently asked questions on their website. If your question is not covered on the government webpage, please email the West of England Combined Authority at